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Intimate Bleaching &  Skin Lightening Procedures

The Wax Boxx uses a new Bleaching System that is revolutionizing the bleaching and skin lightening industry. The below photo is only after 2 service treatments. Often times only after 3 sessions and a take home kit you can get amazing results such as the ones pictured below. Bleaching is pain free and takes approx. 20 Minutes. It may take several visits depending on the severity of the darkness to reach desired results.




Vaginal Lightening

Here is a bit more insight on the most asked questions about vaginal lightening.


Yes, you can have a treatment done after a wax of in-between waxing visits. The treatment helps to breakdown the melanin in the skin and lighten the area. The number of visits depend on the area and how dark it is.

I also recommend a take home treatment aftercare kit which consist of a lightening serum and a sugar scrub to help remove dead skin from the superficial top layer of the skin. All of these techniques help lead to a brighter skin tone.

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