175 W. Wieuca Rd, NE Ste 216
Atlanta GA 30342


Waxologist & Skin Care Specialist


Waxing, sugaring, & bleaching are my specialties!!

Top of the line products & personalized care for my clients!

- Denise Richard, Aesthetician


For Her


  • Upper Lip $7

  • Chin $12

  • Eyebrows $12

  • Lower Back $12

  • Underarm $12

  • Buttocks $17

  • Face $27

  • Half Arm $20

  • Full Arm $27

  • Half Leg $27

  • Full Leg $42

  • Brazilian $40

  • Wax Bundle - Brazilian, Full or Half Leg, Underarm, & Lip $72


  • Underarm $17

  • Brazilian $47


  • Vaginal Bleach $33

  • Post Wax Serum $15

  • Bleach Bundle - Brazilian, Vaginal Bleach, & Lightening Serum $80

For Him


  • Eyebrow $17

  • Shoulder $12

  • Underarm $14

  • Chest $32

  • Abs $32

  • Back $32

  • Half Arms $22

  • Full Arms $32

  • Half Leg $32

  • Full Leg $52

  • Bundle - Back, Chest, & Shoulder $67


What is Dermaplaining? “Dermaplaning is a super effective exfoliating treatment in which a doctor or aesthetician uses a surgical scalpel to gently scrape off any dead skin cells on the surface of your skin and (along with the peach fuzz on your face). You might be wondering Why is this necessary? It's because the buildup of dead skin and microscopic hairs can make your complexion appear dull, flaky, and can even cause breakouts due to clogged pores and hair follicles. Which is why this form of mechanical exfoliation is essential for maintaining an even, healthy glow.”

The Cosmopolitan

Service Price $60

Meet Denise

I am Committed to You Looking Amazing!

Located in the inside the Perimeter and across from the Tuxedo Pharmacy, The Wax Boxx & Beauty Bar has been serving the local community as a Professional Esthetician since 2000. Founded by Denise Richard, The Wax Boxx & Beauty Bar is a organically growing small business focusing on superior customer service and customer loyalty.


We strive to create lasting relationships with our customers and do everything possible to cater to their needs. Whether you’re looking for a professional Facial or Body Wax, your wish is our command! Get in touch today and find out what we can do for you.


Luxury Service at an Affordable Price!

I am committed to you looking amazing! I am committed to exceptional service, premium products and a personalized experience.

Since its establishment in 2000, The Wax Boxx & Beauty Bar has provided Sandy Springs with great beauty products and services, with great prices guaranteed!

Denise is a professional expert committed to excellence and strive to be your trusted source for all things beauty. She takes pride in providing industry-leading products and VIP services to ensure you go home happy. Swing by her Salon and treat yourself today!

Our Doors Are Open

Mon: 10am - 7:30pm
Tue: 10am - 7:30pm
Wed: 10am - 7:30pm
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Fri: 10am - 7:30pm
Sat: 10am - 3pm
Sun: Closed



Don't Just Take My Word For It!

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 10.33.49 AM.png

Denise is still the bomb! Never been to a wax bar that had so many selections of wax -- she really knows her craft! Whatever your issue could be -- she has the wax for you. Hot, cold, lafy taffy, running, stripe or stripeless - that all I know. 

Great service though!

Ashley T. via Yelp

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 10.48.11 AM.png

Denise is great at what she does. She sets herself apart from an ordinary Brazilian wax through a two pronged strategy:


1. Superb waxing technique - seriously, there are wax jobs that hurt, and wax jobs that hurt less. She's got the magic touch and it hurts much less than others!


2. Friendly, personable service. She'll make you feel very comfortable whether it's your first wax or your millionth. This aspect cannot be ignored! 

So check her out, drop your drawers and get the best waxing experience in Atlanta!

Wei-Ming via Yelp

I absolutely love Denise! I've been coming here for a year now and refuse to go anywhere else since. Denise always does an amazing job and also is always super nice and professional! First wax I've ever had where it didn't feel like my skin was being ripped off. She is the best!

Stop in, you will not be disappointed :)

Elena J's via Yelp